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Where to go out in Liberec?

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Just a two-hour drive from Prague, the small town of Liberec lies close to the mountains of the northern Czech Republic. Close to Poland and Germany, this town of 105,000 inhabitants is famous for hosting major ski competitions in winter. Whatever the time of year, you’ll find lovely places to visit and restaurants and bars to try.

What are the best places in Liberec to discover?

In this article, we’d like to introduce you to some of the best places to visit in Liberec. Although the city isn’t very large, there are plenty of nice bars and restaurants to discover.

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The best restaurants in Liberec

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Would you like to dine out in Liberec? Here’s our small selection of the best places in the city. To make a reservation, all you have to do is visit the dedicated pages, call or simply complete the online booking procedure!

1. Radnicni sklipek restaurant

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Here’s an address that’s well worth a visit for its original setting.

Housed in the cloister of a church, the Radnicni sklipek restaurant offers typical Czech cuisine, fast service and dynamic staff.

Good value for money for a restaurant in the center of Liberec. Local beers are a must. The restaurant’s address is nám. Dr. E. Beneše 1/1, 460 59.

2. Restaurace Bílý Mlýn Liberec

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At the entrance to the small Lesopark Harcov forest, Restaurace Bílý Mlýn Liberec boasts an outdoor terrace ideally placed in an idyllic setting for a quiet meal surrounded by nature.

With its hearty local cuisine, the restaurant also offers a fine wine list to choose from. The staff are always ready to listen to your every need, in a calm and soothing atmosphere.

It’s a great place to visit if you want to continue your meal with a stroll in the forest afterwards. To try this restaurant, go to Svobody 295/30, 460 15.

3. Masa Buka Recka Taverna

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Not far from Liberec town hall, Masa Buka Recka Taverna is a restaurant where you can discover Greece for a meal. With homemade cuisine, your meal may take longer to prepare than in a more traditional restaurant, due to the quality of the dishes served.

With an extensive list of fresh produce, you’ll get your money’s worth. The local beer will not be absent during your meal in a friendly atmosphere. The address is Sokolská 168, 460 01.

4. Steak house Liberec

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At the entrance to the Forum Liberec shopping center, Steak house Liberec is known for its grilled meats. Fans of meat dishes will be ideally served by smiling, friendly English-speaking staff. The address of Steak house Liberec is 1, Blažkova 654, 460 01.

Liberec’s best bars

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After a good meal, there’s nothing better than a drink in one of Liberec’s many bars. Feel free to browse our small selection, to make the best possible choice!

1. Mamitas Bar

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This is a great place to go for a cocktail evening. At Mamitas Bar, you’ll have the opportunity to discover house cocktails at affordable prices, served by professional staff. With enough privacy to enjoy a few drinks with friends, you’ll have a great start to your evening at this bar. Go to Rumunská, 460 01.

2. Café bogey bar

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Right in the center of town, the Café bogey bar will welcome you as it should any good customer going to a bar to unwind and have a good time. In a cosy atmosphere, you’ll be served quickly and enjoy the wide choice of drinks on offer. Prices are a little higher than in more traditional bars, but this bar is well worth a try. The address is Barvířská 118/7 460 01.

3. MARALI Shisha Lounge & Bar

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MARALI Shisha Lounge & Bar is, as the name suggests, a shisha bar where customers come to find a little peace and quiet and sip their drinks in peace. If you’re looking for an address where you can relax over a good drink and a good chicha, with staff who are very responsive to your requests, MARALI Shisha Lounge & Bar is a good address for you. It’s located at Kostelní 11/3, 460 01.

Enjoy the best places in Liberec

Now you know more about Liberec’s bars and restaurants. Although the city isn’t very large, you’ll always find a good place to eat and drink. Feel like you want to visit the city? Don’t forget to have a look at our selection of amazing hotels in Liberec. For a great experience and to (really) enjoy the city, we recommend you to spend 24 to 48h there !