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10 great bars and pubs in London

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Capital of England, London never ceases to fascinate the whole world, as much by its grandeur as by its prestigious history.

With an average of more than 30 million tourists per year, the “world-city” as we like to call it, has many advantages with its monuments being among the most visited in the world, like the Big Ben tower.

Knowing a few good places to eat, have a good brunch, or go for a good local beer is surely the best thing to do before going there.

What are the 10 best bars in London?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 atmospheric bars in London so that you can have all the cards in your hand when visiting the English capital.

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1. The Bletchley

The Bletchley london

Let’s start with a bar in London being very original. The Bletchley is a place that will appeal to all good mystery lovers and fans of original cocktails.

The bartenders will take the time to explain to you the rules, and you will have your time to solve the different puzzles in front of you. The cocktails offered are of very good quality.

You will have the choice for your mission, even if we advise you the intermediate mission in order to start at your ease. This atmospheric bar is a very good value for money and allows you a certain originality for an outing in a couple or with friends. Experience it at 459 King’s Rd, SW10 0LJ.

2. ABQ London

ABQ London

Let’s continue on another cocktail bar, called ABQ London, which we highly recommend. This bar is a good address for a nice and original evening. The atmosphere is convivial and friendly.

The nostalgic of the famous series Breaking Bad will love to go there as the links towards it are numerous. We let you go there to know everything. Moreover, the servers are pleasant and clearly play the game with you.

A good playlist will make you feel in a relaxed atmosphere with different classics. Most of the drinks range from classic cocktails to more original inspirations that are worth trying. A great night out with friends at 18 Bohemia Pl, E8 1DU.

3. Beer Merchants Tap

Beer merchant tap london

This is a good pub for craft beers in East London that will appeal to any good beer lover! The staff at Beer Merchants Tap is really friendly and you’ll be in a great atmosphere, and with a great variety of beers! Although it may seem a bit pricey, you will enjoy your visit there.

The bar has draft taps that are constantly rotating, as well as hundreds of cans and bottles just waiting to be tasted. We highly recommend this London pub that brings good vibes! Meet at 99 Wallis Rd, E9

4. Crate Brewery

Crate brewery london

Fans of pizza and beer will be delighted to go to the Crate Brewery, which is nothing but a good atmosphere bar offering good drinks and appetizing pizzas.

You can go there with friends or even with your family, this pub is worth going to for a good time. A great night out to be had at Unit 7 Queen’s Yard, E9 5EN.

5. Howling hopes

Howling hopes london

When you go to the Howling hopes pub, you will find good, fresh, top quality beers. You can even eat good vegan Colombian food with a friendly, fast and accessible service.

The atmosphere is welcoming and dynamic. Good criteria to go to Unit 9A Queen’s Yard, White Post Ln, E9 5EN and have a good time.

6. The Wolseley

the wolseley london

This is a place that doubles as a restaurant and bar. You’ll enjoy good beers, but don’t hesitate to try their local food as well, and try their good brunches.

It is possible that this place is a victim of its reputation because sometimes you have to wait more than 30 minutes before being served, that’s why we invite you to go there during the off-peak hours. The address is 160 Piccadilly, St. James’s, W1J 9EB.

7. The Red Lion

The red lion london

The Red Lion is a very popular pub in London with various British Prime Ministers coming here to enjoy good beers and food.

Located a block away from the famous Big Ben tower, this pub welcomes a lot of tourists, but remains a must in the English capital both for its atmosphere and its local decoration. Try this bar located at 48 Parliament St, SW1A 2NH.

8. The Boogaloo

The Boogaloo london

The Boogaloo is a musical pub where the atmosphere is friendly with good live music and quiz nights. The service is very friendly with an unusual collection of local drinks on draught.

Also enjoy a small outdoor cafe at the back of the bar with some private seating areas with friends. A great place for groups of friends, located at 312 Archway Rd, N6 5AT.

9. Hyper Reality

hyper reality london 1

It’s a great experience at the Hyper Reality bar. You’ll really feel like you’ve stepped into the future for a night. It’s a themed bar where you can be on a special mission to shoot zombies or cast spells, all with a pretty awesome virtual reality!

The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. It’s both a great place to have a good drink and do something with friends on a night out in London, with good vibes. We recommend going to 67 Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, E1 4TT.

10. Moonshine Saloon

Moonshine Saloon london 1

Let’s finish this top 10 with a cocktail bar where, in a western atmosphere, you will live a great experience during almost 2 hours. It’s a sort of acting experience with about 5 delicious cocktails per person. Another great themed evening awaits you at 28-30 Houndsditch, EC3A 7DB.

Enjoy your stay in London

You now know the best places in London to go for a few good drinks with friends while you are in the capital.

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