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The 10 best bars in Seville

bars seville 1

Seville is the capital of the region of Andalusia, in the south of Spain. It is known for its rich history, culture and architecture, as well as its warm climate.

There are many things to see and do in Seville, including visiting the city’s famous monuments, such as the Seville Cathedral and the Alcazar Palace.

Many people like to go there because of the festive atmosphere during the summer. That’s why it’s best to know some good bars to go and drink good local beers.

What are the 10 best bars in Seville?

In this article, you will discover the 10 best bars in Seville to go to when you want to experience the atmosphere of the city and be surrounded by locals.

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1. XIX

Le XIX seville 1

Going to XIX, you will be welcomed by the staff, who will make you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive with a well presented menu of the different cocktails offered.

In a friendly atmosphere with pleasant music, you will feel good. The address is located at C. Tomás de Ibarra, 9, 41001.

2. Urbano Comix

Urbano Comix Seville

With good and great drinks at very affordable prices, you will have a good time at Urbano Comix. A nice place where they play good rock music, creating a nice atmosphere.

The staff is very friendly and doesn’t hesitate to recommend the best local drinks. And if you’re interested in arcade games, billiards or foosball, this is the place to be! A good night out with friends at C. Matahacas, 5, 41003.

3. Premier Lagoh Cocktail Bar

Premier Lagoh Cocktail Bar seville

The Premier Lagoh Cocktail Bar is a great place to enjoy a good drink with friends or even a couple with local music. Nothing better to be in a local atmosphere.

We advise you to go there in the afternoon to enjoy the nice setting and avoid having a crowded bar. The address is Centro Comercial Lagoh, Av. de Palmas Altas, 1, 41012.

4. The second room

The Second Room seville

If you want to taste excellent mojitos, The second room is a great address for you. With an impeccable service, the waiters are very efficient and professional for your requests, and will not hesitate to give you good recommendations, always with a smile.

Be careful not to go there in too big a group because of the limited space in the bar. Go to C. de Placentines, 19, 41004.

5. Premier Garden Cocktail Bar

Premier Garden Cocktail Bar seville

The Premier Garden Cocktail Bar is a beautiful place with a great location. When you go there, you will enjoy this sheltered place under the trees and with comfortable chairs.

For drinks, the mojito remains the must-have, but you’ll be treated to other good custom cocktails. A good place to have a drink before taking a good walk. The address is Kiosco Parque, 41004 Prado de San Sebastián.

6. Bar Mutante

Bar Mutante seville

Fans of alternative bar will be happy to go to the Mutante bar. Located in a shopping center, the establishment has a beautiful and impressive decoration, creating a very special atmosphere.

The prices are affordable, and the service is correct. A good address to spend your evening at C. Fresa, 15, 41002.

7. La Gintoneria Sevilla

La Gintoneria Sevilla

La Gintoneria Sevilla is a nice little bar in the city center where you can get very good drinks like cocktails with a nice collection of gin, but also other soft drinks.

In general, the prices are correct, and the staff is very responsive to your requests. A very nice experience awaits you if you decide to go with friends. Go to C. Marqués de Paradas, 55, 41001.

8. Gastrobar Al-Andalus

Gastrobar Al Andalus seville

People who like to go to bars where a wide selection of beers awaits them to enjoy one of them in a pleasant setting, will appreciate the Gastrobar Al-Andalus.

A nice little place that we recommend you to spend a friendly moment during your vacation in Seville. The address is C. Vicente Flores Navarro, 18, 41010.

9. Les Coulisses

Les Coulisses seville

This is another cocktail bar in Seville that deserves a visit during a night out with friends. The drinks are affordable and delicious, and will allow you to have a nice discovery of gin mixed with flamenco!

With warm owners and a good atmosphere, what more could you want for a good cultural moment? Enjoy your evening at C. Toneleros, 3, 41001.

10. El Pasaje

El pasaje seville

Let’s finish with an excellent tapas bar and also very typical. If you decide to go there at night, we advise you to go before 9pm, because this very popular bar can sometimes get crowded, and due to the lack of space, you will not be able to enjoy the lively evening.

The service is done at the bar, you are called, and you come to recover your tapas to take them to the table. The address is Pje de Vila, 8, 41004.

Enjoy your stay in Seville

Now you know the best places in Seville to have a good drink with friends.

This is surely the best way to familiarize yourself with the local customs and thus make the most of your stay in the capital of Andalusia.

There are other great things to discover, which is why we have dedicated an article to the best brunches in Seville.