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10 bars to have a drink in Edinburgh

bar edinburgh

When you come to Edinburgh, you’re choosing to make a date with the countless buildings, rich in historical events and where a special atmosphere emerges in the Scottish capital.

The best way to enjoy it is, without a doubt, to go to one of the many bars in the city. Good places to go if you are able to meet locals to have a good cocktail in a festive and friendly atmosphere.

What are the best bars in Edinburgh?

In this article, we will introduce you to Edinburgh through its 10 best bars where the traditional atmosphere is at its best. This will give you a chance to learn about the local customs and enjoy the moment.

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1. The Three Sisters

the three sisters edinburgh

If you’re a fan of rugby and more specifically the Six Nations tournament, this is the perfect place to go to watch matches with friends. In a friendly atmosphere, you will discover a totally British atmosphere.

Between Welsh, Scottish, English and even Irish fans, you will stay there for hours because of the festive atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to take a good Guinness to blend in. Go to 139 Cowgate, EH1 1JS for a great night out at The Three Sisters.

2. Hemingway’s Edinburgh

Emingway edinburgh

A visit to Hemingway’s Edinburgh bar is a great local experience. In a cozy and intimate atmosphere, the very professional staff will make themselves available to guide you through the different drinks offered and explain the menu.

A wide range of classic and original cocktails awaits you in this pretty city center bar located at 1 Commercial St, Leith, EH6 6JA.

3. The Fox & Faun

The Fox and Faun edinburgh

This is a beautiful and charming place where a variety of beers awaits you. The Fox & Faun is a bar with cool vibes, where you can spend a few hours with friends to start the evening with a cocktail, if you are in town.

If you want to try the few dishes offered, we recommend you to order the famous fish and chips plate which is simply delicious. Enjoy your evening at 101 Shandwick Pl, EH2 4SD.

4. Hey Palu

Hey Palu edinburgh

If you like cocktails at reasonable prices, Hey Palu is a very good place to go if you want to spend a good evening in Edinburgh. Great service by friendly and welcoming waiters.

You will be offered free peanuts and chips. The atmosphere is friendly and will make you want to stay for several hours. A great experience at 49 Bread St, EH3 9AH.

5. Brewdog Lothian Road

Brewdog Lothian Road edinburgh

Brewdog Lothian Road is an ideal bar for people who like to drink draught beers in a rather quiet atmosphere.

Although the prices are above average, you’ll enjoy drinking your beer in a quirky and busy place. We recommend that you experience it for yourself at 50 Lothian Rd, EH3 9BY.

6. The Voyage of Buck

The Voyage of Buck edinburgh

If you pass by The Voyage of Buck bar, we recommend you go in! This is a classic Edinburgh pub that offers wonderful cocktails made with local drinks.

A Scottish bar that doesn’t need to prove itself anymore as its popularity keeps growing with the locals. No need to go anywhere else once you’ve settled in at 29-31 William St, EH3 7NF.

7. Dirty Dick’s

Dirty Dicks edinburgh 1

Lovers of the famous fish and chips must go to Dirty Dick’s bar to enjoy the atmosphere of the bar located in a typical and rather intimate place. The lovers of good beers will be delighted to visit there too thanks to the large choice of drafts.

Let us also note that the decoration is very neat and 100% local. Everything is gathered to live a very good moment. See you at 159 Rose St, EH2 4LS.

8. Thistle Street Bar

Thistle Street Bar edinburgh

If you’re looking for a typical Scottish bar, the Thistle Street Bar is a great option for you. Run by a local couple, you will enjoy the different local drinks offered such as scotch, gin, or just a cocktail, with the particularity of having almost no tourists.

We recommend you this great address to immerse yourself in the Scottish vibes, located at 39 Thistle St, EH2 1DY.

9. The Last Drop

The Last Drop edinburgh

Fans of crowded pubs with a great atmosphere will enjoy going to The Last Drop.

Located in a friendly neighborhood that’s well worth a visit, you can go with your eyes closed as you’ll experience the true Scottish atmosphere with kilted locals enjoying either a good beer or a good scotch.

Experience it at 74-78 Grassmarket, EH1 2JR.

10. Canny Man’s

Canny Mans edinburgh

The Canny Man’s is a good old fashioned pub where you will find an original decoration of the area. The staff is really friendly and will put you in the mood as soon as you arrive. A nice little beer garden type place located at 237 Morningside Rd, Morningside, EH10 4QU.

Discover the best places to go in Edinburgh

By now, you know the best bars to go to for a good drink with friends while in Edinburgh. This is surely the perfect way to meet the locals and enjoy the warm atmosphere of the Scots.

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