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The 10 best bars in Bucharest

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Planning a trip to Romania’s capital but wondering where to go out? No need to panic! Bucharest is a very lively city, especially at night.

The city is full of places to party or just have a quiet drink. It is wise to find out the best places to go out in order to avoid disappointment.

What are the best bars in Bucharest? 

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In the following article, we are pleased to share with you our selection of the best bars in Bucharest. A list of establishments to go to in order to make the most of the nightlife in the capital, and meet the locals.

1. Fix me a drink

Fix me a drink

Fix me a drink has established itself as a reference among the best bars in Bucharest by focusing on quality rather than quantity. Indeed, the cocktail menu is not very extensive, but special attention is given to each drink prepared there.

It is the ideal place to meet young and party-going locals. It is located at Strada Ion Brezoianu 23-25, Universul, building B, floor 1, FIX, botanical bar.

2. Zeppelin Pub

Zeppelin Pub

If you’re more into beer than cocktails, then you’ll enjoy the Zeppelin Pub. You will find an excellent selection of beers. From IPAs to Stouts to Läger, there is something for everyone.

The staff is friendly and will advise you on which beers to choose according to your tastes. In our eyes one of the best bars in Bucharest, which you can find at Intrarea Nicolae Șelari 1.

3. Jack’s Pub

Jack’s Pub

If you want to go out for a drink but haven’t eaten yet, it’s no big deal, just go to Jack’s Pub. In addition to excellent mulled wine and some very good beers, it is possible to eat there until 11 pm.

It’s a great pub to meet new people because it’s frequented by many locals. It is located at Strada Lipscani 45

4. The Vintage Pub

The Vintage Pub

Considered by many as the best bar in the old town of Bucharest, The Vintage Pub is a very lively place. If you want to enjoy the nightlife of the capital during your stay, you must go there at least once.

It’s the perfect opportunity to meet other people in a relaxed and party atmosphere. You can find it at Strada Smârdan 43.

5. Times Cocktail Bar

Times Cocktail Bar

Located in a narrow Bucharest alley, Times Cocktail Bar is popular for its consistently good music selection, which sets it apart from other places of its kind. It offers a wide range of cocktails to delight all palates.

Without a doubt one of the best bars in Bucharest for dancing and meeting people. It is located at Intrarea Nicolae Șelari 1.

6. Abel’s Wine Bar

Abel's Wine Bar

For wine lovers, we can only recommend Abel’s Wine Bar. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you are bound to find satisfaction in this Bucharest wine bar.

The staff knows its wines inside out and will advise you if you have any doubts or if you want to discover new things. Its address: Str. Nicolae Tonitza 10.

7. Nomad Skybar

Nomad Skybar

Nomad Skybar is one of the bars in Bucharest with a view of the capital. Although some may rely on their panorama to attract customers, Nomad Skybar does not stop there.

It offers impeccable service, as well as a lounge atmosphere provided by a DH. The service is fast and pleasant. We recommend that you make a reservation because it is often full. It is located at Etaj 2, Strada Smârdan 30.

8. Terminus


If you want to go out for a drink in a traditional Romanian setting, we recommend Terminus. It’s the ideal place to meet new people in a friendly and benevolent atmosphere.

If you wish, you can also eat there. Their cuisine is unpretentious but of excellent quality. You can find one of the best bars in Bucharest at Strada George Enescu 5.

9. Bruno Wine Bar & Bistro

Bruno Wine Bar & Bistro

The second wine bar of the selection, Bruno Wine Bar & Bistro is located in the heart of the old town. Its intimate and relaxing atmosphere makes it a great place to go out for a romantic date.

Although the building is small, it offers a great selection of wines from around the world, all for a respectable price. Find it at Strada Covaci 3.

10. Interbelic


Interbelic is a bar during the day, which turns into a club at night. The establishment is very popular, which makes it a good place to meet both locals and travelers.

The drinks are not very expensive and are made with talent by the bartenders. One of the best bars if you want to let off steam and dance the night away, at Strada Lipscani 17.

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By now you know our selection of the best bars in Bucharest to go to in order to meet locals, or just relax with a good drink.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy good Romanian food before going for a drink, we invite you to check our top 10 of the best typical restaurants in Bucharest.

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