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The best bars in Amsterdam

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It is true that in Amsterdam, the nightlife is rather… Dynamic. If you like coffee, clubs or even good wines and cocktails, we suggest you to discover here our selection of the best bars in the city.

In our opinion, these are the best establishments to fully enjoy the night on site. Holland is a very lively country where everyone likes to go out in the city, no matter the neighborhood, for a night in a club or in a pub. So let’s go!

What are the best bars in Amsterdam?

In this article, we will present you the top 10 of the best bars in Amsterdam where you can meet the locals, or the many expats who will give you good addresses.

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1. Cafe Gollem Amstelstraat

Any good beer lover visiting Amsterdam has to pass the doors of Cafe Gollem Amstelstraat located at Amstelstraat 34, 1017.

Located near the famous Blawbrug bridge, you will have no trouble finding this atmospheric Amsterdam bar with the many bottles of beer welcoming you at the entrance.

Friendly and smiling staff, many beers on tap, a festive and friendly atmosphere. These are the main criteria you need to relax with friends in the Dutch capital.

2. Kroegtijger

Overlooking the Nieuwmarkt square in the city center, the atmospheric bar Kroegtijger is pleasantly located at Zeedijk 134A, 1012.

In a casual yet trendy atmosphere, you can drink good local beers and delicious house cocktails.

A nice little bar in Amsterdam to do with friends or a couple in the late afternoon to start the evening off right.

3. H. Murray’s Amsterdam

A few minutes from the central station, H. Murray’s Amsterdam is a good Amsterdam address where lovers of quality alcohol will be delighted to go.

The beers are available on draught, the rum or whisky tasting glasses fit perfectly with the cosy atmosphere of the bar, and the manager will be able to advise you in the best conditions.

A friendly atmosphere that we recommend you to live if you are interested in a local experience. See you at Nieuwebrugsteeg 15, 1012.

4. Waterkant

This is a must-see bar in Amsterdam that you should discover for its originality. You’ll feel like you’re in a former parking lot that has since been transformed into a bar.

Its warm atmosphere will make you want to spend a few good hours there, especially if you decide to go in the early evening.

An opportunity to have a quiet beer along the canal. Its address is Marnixstraat 246, 1016, and we recommend you to go there for an atypical evening in Amsterdam.

5. Proeflokaal de Ooievaar

For a little trip with friends to a nice and cozy pub in Amsterdam can be done at the Proeflokaal de Ooievaar.

As its name indicates, it’s a local pub, and local means good opportunity to meet locals who will make you enjoy your time with them for a few good drinks.

Note that the drinks are quite expensive but worth it! You will get nothing but a warm and friendly Dutch atmosphere when you go to Sint Olofspoort 1, 1012.

6. Foeders

The Foeders has a relaxed and cosy atmosphere and is the perfect place to spend an evening with friends.

The small beers are to be tried, while enjoying the original peanuts which await you on the table.

Few tourists frequent this place which will be a godsend to be in perfect local immersion. The address is Ceintuurbaan 257, 1074.

7. Freddy’s Bar

For a small evening with your partner, Freddy’s Bar can be a good address in terms of quality of alcohol offered where the cozy atmosphere will allow you to be comfortable and relaxed.

The staff of the establishment will serve you in a very professional way and with a lot of attention.

So you can enjoy your evening with your partner. Visit this Amsterdam bar at Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2-14, 1012.

8. Regular & Jack

If you’re visiting Amsterdam and want to watch a soccer match, Regular & Jack is a good place to go for a few good beers and a friendly atmosphere.

This bar is an Irish-American mix where you will appreciate to go with friends to meet new people. If you go there in the evening, there may be a lot of entertainment where any good partygoer will be satisfied. The address is Vijzelstraat 37, 1017.

9. Cultural Eetcafé ‘Skek

This is a bar that offers board games in the streets of Amsterdam. Cultureel Eetcafé ‘Skek is a nice place to go if you are into student meetings. You’ll find very decent prices and note that they accept the card for a single beer.

There are chairs on the street where you can continue your experience with good company. The address is Zeedijk 4-8, 1012.

10. Schaakcafe Het Hok

Let’s finish our top 10 with a bar that organizes every Tuesday night a small acoustic concert where locals and young expats have their habits. The staff is super nice and it’s a great place to have a drink with friends.

The interior space is surprisingly spacious and the atmosphere is very good. We recommend the beers and cocktails ordered if you decide to go to Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 134, 1017.

Where to have a drink in Amsterdam?

Whether it’s a bar, a café, a pub, a club or even a restaurant, Amsterdam will always have something to thrill you at night. Indeed, the local nightlife is very dynamic, both in the center and elsewhere.

Music, heineken beer and other alcohol will make for a great night out (although you certainly don’t need all that to have fun). No matter what neighborhood you’re in, feel free to wander the streets towards the best bars in Amsterdam and enjoy yourself!

The best bars in Amsterdam, in short

Amsterdam’s nightlife is particularly intense. Whether it’s a bar, cafes or even clubs, the city (no matter the neighborhood, Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein or other place) is full of energy.

We hope through this article, to have given you all the information possible on how to spend a good night out there. Wine, beer, cocktails and live music, these bars and breweries will certainly amaze you.

You now know the best places to go in Amsterdam to meet locals and tourists for a good night out with friends. Amsterdam’s unusual bars are the best places to keep good memories of the city.