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The 10 apps you’ll need to use while in Prague

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Are you planning to visit the Czech capital or do you live there and would like to benefit from good tips via your smartphone, in order to make your life a little easier, a little more pleasant?

We have just the thing for you. Indeed, we are going to present you our selection of the 10 must-have applications for your stay in Prague. Ordering food, ordering a cab, finding your way around the city, your life will change dramatically!

Why use applications during your trip to Prague?

Using your smartphone while traveling is a great idea. Indeed, it allows you to benefit from a lot of information, tips and data that will allow you to easily find your way around, or order and buy, whether it is food or transportation.

In short, having on your smartphone, the 10 applications we are about to present to you should considerably change your life.

What are the essential applications for your stay in Prague?

In the following content, we present you our selection of these 10 essential applications to enjoy your stay!

1. Foodora


Don’t know what to eat? Don’t really feel like cooking? Don’t worry about it. Foodora is the essential application to have on your smartphone when you’re in Prague. It is the number one tool.

Indeed, this application allows you to order food and receive your meal in a few minutes. Fast food, more classic restaurants… You will have everything.

2. Wolt


Just like Foodora, Wolt is the application that aims to save your life if you have nothing left in your cupboards. It’s widely used, but it’s still a little less downloaded than its competitor above.

Moreover, we appreciate a little more the user experience of the first one, although it is only a very personal observation. You be the judge!

3. Bolt Food

bolt food

Bolt Food is the third application that allows you to order food in Prague. Less known than the other two, it is still very interesting. The customer service is rather reactive while the choice of restaurants, menus and others remains quite interesting.

4. Uber


Do you want to get around Prague? You can use the metro, streetcar or bus. However, if you are in a group or if it’s a little late and you don’t want to wait for the night bus, Uber is a great solution. No need to introduce you to the service: you know it. In short, an essential application for your trip to Prague.

5. Liftago


Liftago is the local solution. It is an Uber-like platform, but in Czech. The tool is impeccable and the services offered are just as good. However, be careful to ask your driver if he is going in your direction, especially if you want to go to the airport. Sometimes they do not serve the farthest points of the city.

6. iDOS


Want to take public transportation? No need to look any further, iDOS is the number one app to have on your smartphone. Quite simply, it’s probably the first app you should download when you arrive.

You’ll get information on departure time, arrival time, changes, whether you’re taking the streetcar, bus or metro.

7. Prague on Bike

prague on bike

Prague has its own bikes. To find out where they are, pick one up and get to your destination, there is only one solution: Prague on Bike (Na kole Prahou). A pleasant way to discover the Czech capital while respecting the environment.

8. xe


Would you like to collect Czech crowns or learn more about the exchange rate to measure your purchasing power? We recommend XE. This is one of the most popular apps among expats and tourists who can keep an eye on their finances.

9. Pivní deníček

pivni denicek

An unusual app, Pivní Deníček allows you to keep track of how many beers you’ll drink in Prague. Useful when you know that the city is known to be one of those where beer flows freely.

In short, an essential app for your trip to Prague, which we recommend especially for bachelor parties or trips with friends.

10. Learn Czech, Speak Czech

learn czech speak czech

Do you want to learn Czech? It is a rather difficult language. In addition to the possibility of taking lessons with a private teacher, we recommend the Learn Czech, Speak Czech application.

Intuitive, interesting, it allows you to have a soft approach of this language and thus to quickly master a few words, whether it is for your vacations or your expatriate life.

Essential applications for your stay in Prague

Whether you are an expatriate, traveling or otherwise, using an app will optimize your experience. Whether it’s ordering a cab, getting tickets for your tours or simply finding out about transportation schedules, the city offers itself to you in a whole new light.

Of course, the apps offered to discover the city of Prague are available both on the iOS Appstore and on Android. Regarding data management, everything is GDPR secured. In short, we recommend you these simple and quick tools to install, before or during your visit.

With these few essential applications for your trip to Prague, you should be able to fully enjoy your stay, your life in the Czech Republic. These are just a few tips that we wanted to share with you to make your life easier. Do you want to go further? Don’t miss our article on the best bars in Prague!