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What are the things to do in Munich?

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Known for the Oktoberfest, Munich is an interesting, lively and storied city. If you are in Prague, Amsterdam or even Ljubljana and would like to take advantage of your apparent proximity to visit the Bavarian capital for a few days, we are about to present you our selection of the 10 must-do things to do in Munich.

In the rest of this article, we present you our selection of those things to do that will make your stay in Bavaria much more enjoyable.

How to get to Munich?

Getting to Munich is not necessarily complicated, no matter where you are. Of course, if you are in Austria or the Czech Republic, it will only take you a few minutes or a few hours to get to your destination, either by car or by train.

From Berlin, it will take 5 to 6 hours by car.

You can also reach Munich from Paris! By plane, it takes 1h30 (maybe a little more). You can also reach Bavaria by train. However, the journey takes 6 to 7 hours, maybe even a little more.

What to do in Munich?

In the rest of this article, we propose you to discover our selection of these few unmissable activities that will allow you to make your stay in Munich an unforgettable one. So, what to visit in Munich?

1. Participate in the Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest in Munich is the annual event not to be missed. For several days, hundreds of thousands of people gather to drink beer, taste delicious pretzels and enjoy a night of debauchery.

For the occasion, men and women wear all the traditional clothes, the Lederhosen (for men) and the Dirdnl (for women). It takes place from mid-September to early October.

2. Going to a Bayern Munich match

Munich’s second institution, Bayern! The German club, with countless titles, plays in the Allianz Arena. If you are a soccer fan and you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate to go there.

You will have the opportunity to see the local soccer team, its stars and especially its fans who love to give their voices. In short, a great time!

3. Marienplatz

Marienplatz is the central square of Munich. Marienplatz is dominated by the Neues Rathaus, which covers 9,159 square meters and has over 400 rooms. The locals love it when the Christmas markets are held.

It is a great place to gather, drink some mulled wine and enjoy the Christmas food. You can also find the Glockenspiel cuckoo clock. At 11am, 12pm and 5pm, a carousel of dancing characters comes to life.

4. Theatinerkirche

The distinctive towers of the Theatinerkirche rise to 66 meters. It is an old Catholic church, built in the 17th century. The Theatinerkirche is one of the most famous buildings in Munich. It is one of the city’s must-see sights and is located at Salvatorplatz 2A.

5. The Glyptothek


The Glyptothek is located on Königsplatz. It is the only museum in the world, which is entirely dedicated to ancient sculpture. It is a strange art gallery which proposes to discover replicas of old famous statues.

The entrance ticket also gives access to the National Collection of Antiquities in the building opposite. Admission to the museum is only 1 euro on Sundays.

6. German Museum

The German Museum could keep you busy for a whole day. It is located on the Isar island (the Museumsinsel). It is an institution dedicated to the mapping and development of science and technology in Germany.

Many fields are studied there. Astronomy, nanotechnology, aerospace, hydraulic engineering, everything is studied here.

7. Peterskirche

The Peterskirche is one of Munich’s most famous institutions. This church overlooks the city from a small hill, offering visitors the chance to see the city from a high point.

When it’s really clear, visitors can see more than 100 kilometers in the distance, all the way to the Alps! Of course, you won’t get that high that easily. To reach the top of the Peterskirche, you have to climb 306 steps.

8. Visit the National Theater

Located on Max-Joseph-Platz, Munich’s National Theater is one of Europe’s most renowned opera houses. It is home to the Bavarian State Ballet, the Bavarian State Orchestra and the Bavarian State Opera.

If you can’t make it to a performance, we invite you to take a guided tour. The Munich State Theatre is located at Maximilianstraße 1.

9. Hofbräuhaus

The Hofbräuhaus is one of Munich’s most famous establishments. It is a must-see in the Bavarian capital. Here you can order one-liter pints of beer or eat a Wienerschnitzel or Weißwurst.

This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a good meal in a typical brewery. The establishment is located at Platzl 9.

10. Munich Zoo

The Hellabrunn Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in Europe. Founded in 1911, it was one of the first zoos in the world to use moats and ditches instead of cages.

It was also the first zoo to adopt the concept of geolocation. You’ll find alpacas, polar bears, South American sea lions and giraffes.

What to eat in Munich?

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Where to sleep in Munich?

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Visit the must-see places in Munich

A visit to Munich’s must-sees is a chance to discover a lively, energetic city with a rich history. It’s the ideal place to spend a quality stay. Munich is simply a great city that will never fail to amaze you.

If you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate to continue your stay and discover a neighbouring city, like Nuremberg!